3 Tips for Hanging Soccer Scarves


Soccer is the most popular sport globally- having about 3.5 billion fans. It’s even one of the most popular TV sports in the United States.

Watching soccer is even more fun if you support a team. Flying your team’s scarf during games adds to the mood in the stadium or under your TV. You can make a statement, too, if you happen to live in regions where soccer is a passion.

Soccer scarves, though, have different ways of hanging. Keep reading and learn what suits you when hanging your soccer scarf.

1. Draped Across the Wall

Some people like to drape them across the wall, while others like to hang them up on a clothesline or display them on a coat rack. Find a place where you can see the scarf. You don’t want it hidden away in a closet or obscure corner.

You can drape a soccer scarf across the wall by hanging it. Use clear push pins or tacks to fasten the scarf to the wall. It will allow you to see the design of the scarf better.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different scarves. You can create a unique and personal display by combining different colors and patterns. Make sure to look for more soccer scarf display ideas to know what looks best for your home.

2. Display Soccer Scarves in a Frame

You can purchase a pre-made frame or make your frame out of wood or other materials. If you choose to make your frame, ensure that it is wide enough to accommodate the scarf and has round corners so that it does not catch anything. You will also need to ensure that the frame is secure so it does not fall and damage the scarf.

To hang the scarf in the frame, fold it in half and then fold it in half again to form a triangle. Then, tuck the top corner of the scarf into the frame and allow the rest of the scarf to hang down. You can adjust the scarf as needed to achieve the desired look.

If you’re keeping your soccer scarf in a frame, choose a frame that compliments the colors and design of the scarf. You don’t want it to clash or look out of place. Make sure that the area where you’re displaying your soccer scarf is free of dust and dirt.

3. Hung on a Ladder

You can accomplish it by draping the scarf over the ladder’s top rung and letting the ends hang down. This method is eye-catching and allows the scarf to be seen from all angles.

When hanging a soccer scarf on a ladder, be sure to choose a spot that is visible and accessible. This way, you can show off your team pride and show support for your favorite team.

Display Your Soccer Scarves Loud and Proud

Hanging a soccer scarf is a great way to show your support for your team. There are many ways to hang soccer scarves that can also improve the design of your home. Make sure to choose where the scarf is visible to everyone and should be appealing in your home.

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