A Guide to Safely Use Condoms and Increase Sex Pleasure


Like brushing and flossing your teeth, using a condom is among the things, which are necessary but not enjoyable always. As you learned back in sex education, when you use a condom properly, it may protect you against pregnancy and STIs effectively than other methods.

However, to some, condoms feel rubbery, and there is unpleasant resistance compared to skin-on-skin contact. Fortunately, the following tips can help you fix this and even make sex more pleasurable:

1. Know When to Use Condoms

It is advisable to protect yourself as well as your significant other by using kondome during anal, penis-vagina, or oral sex. Even when you have sex, which doesn’t involve the vagina and penis, covering the toys with a condom is a great way to avoid developing STIs or BV (bacterial vaginosis).

STIs, including chlamydia, HIV, trichomoniasis, herpes, and gonorrhea, can still pass on during oral sex.

Using condoms for period sex is also encouraged to protect against STI transmission and prevent pregnancy. This is vital since rates of STI acquisition and transmission are higher during the menstrual cycle.

2. Look at the Expiration Date

Ensure you look at the expiration date on the package before you open it. When condoms are stored improperly or old, latex usually breaks down. This will make the condom less effective at preventing STDs and pregnancy.

Remember also to assess the packaging integrity. Toss anything once you observe a hole or tear, and if it shows others signs of wear, no matter the expiration date.

3. Apply Sexy Methods

Usually, the mind controls your body, and believe it or not, the brain controls sex life. Some men who had a bad experience with a condom hold on to this memory, and the thought of it might weaken their erections.

However, by incorporating some sexy methods, the experience will become more exciting and be something which you might start looking forward to.

For instance, your significant other may place prezervatyvai using her tongue and lips. Alternatively, she may use her hands while the mouth follows along, combining safer sex play and foreplay.

Both of you can also make everything better by doing it with a little sensuality. You can as well try different ways of sexy condom application and turn it in a sex education class.

4. Use the Right Lubrication

When a condom breaks during or even before sex, be sure to stop at once. Avoid continuing until you remove the broken condom and place a new one.

Using pre-fabricated prezervatyvai will ensure you prevent it from tearing. However, if it’s not pre-lubricated, you may use water-based lubricants outside and inside.

Oil-based lubricants, including vegetable oils, lotions, and petroleum jellies, might break down the rubber and even increase tear risks.

Final Remarks!

Using a condom properly and consistently is one of the important things you must do so as to minimize the risks of getting STIs and impregnating your partner. As a matter of fact, condoms are the remaining type of contraception, which reduces the risks of spreading STDs.

If it is your first time using a condom, it would be best to learn how to use and lubricate it properly. You can watch video tutorials or consult a reliable sex education expert.