Industrial Glam: DIY Hardware Jewelry for Unique Style


Jewelry doesn’t have to be limited to conventional materials like gold and silver. With a touch of creativity and some DIY magic, you can craft unique and stylish accessories using hardware elements. Industrial hardware, such as nuts, washers, and chains, can be transformed into edgy and eye-catching jewelry pieces that make a bold statement. In this article, we’ll explore some inspiring DIY hardware jewelry ideas that will elevate your accessory game with an industrial flair.

1. Nut and Washer Bracelet

Create an industrial-chic bracelet using nuts and washers. String these hardware pieces together using thin wire or durable string. You can alternate between different sizes and types of nuts and washers to create a visually interesting pattern. This DIY hardware bracelet adds a touch of rugged sophistication to any outfit.

2. Key Ring Pendant Necklace

Transform a key ring into a unique pendant necklace by adding a decorative charm or crystal to the center. You can further customize the key ring with paint or by attaching smaller hardware pieces. The key ring pendant necklace offers an unconventional and eye-catching accessory that exudes individuality.

3. Chain Tassel Earrings

Craft edgy tassel earrings using chain links. Simply cut various lengths of chain and attach them to earring hooks using jump rings. The chain tassel earrings create a modern and statement-making look that complements both casual and dressy outfits.

4. Hex Nut Cuff Bracelet

Construct a chic cuff bracelet using hex nuts and leather cord. Thread the nuts onto the cord and braid it to form the bracelet. The hex nut cuff bracelet exudes an urban and contemporary vibe, perfect for those seeking a stylish and unconventional accessory.

5. Washer Ring

Design your unique ring using washers and jewelry wire. Wrap the wire around your finger to create the ring’s band, and then attach a washer as the centerpiece. You can leave the washer plain or add a pop of color with enamel paint for a more artistic touch.

6. Hardware Pendant Necklace

Create a captivating pendant necklace using a large hardware piece as the centerpiece. This could be an oversized washer, a vintage key, or a unique nut. Simply attach a jump ring to the hardware and thread it onto a chain or cord for an eye-catching statement necklace.


DIY hardware jewelry allows you to express your style with an industrial edge. From nut and washer bracelets to key ring pendant necklaces, chain tassel earrings, hex nut cuff bracelets, washer rings, and hardware pendant necklaces, these creative projects offer bold and unique accessories that stand out from the crowd. Embrace the unconventional charm of hardware, and let your DIY jewelry creations add an industrial glam to your personal style.