Where can I find good quality mock tests for NEET and why it is important for exams?


Mock tests are similar to the preparations before a big event. Here, the big event is your NEET-UG examination and mock test are your each day practices. 

By the time you are sitting for mock tests, you are quite familiar with its importance since your 10th boards. These exams have been helping students for better preparation and multiple chances to correct their mistakes. 

Sitting for a mock test gives a student the real feeling of an exam. Since revision is the key tactic to crack any national level examination, mock tests are indeed the best options for students. 

Besides this basic importance, today we are going to discuss some major benefits of a mock test for the NEET examination. 

Learning new techniques for solving a problem

While attending mock tests for the NEET examination, you will develop new strategies for problem-solving. How? Because nothing works right on the first go! There is a strategy which you feel is the best for you. But once it doesn’t work out, you will make another one for yourself. This is how most of the students find smarter ways to study. 

Mock tests are real tests. Each test is an opportunity to prove yourself. If a student studies seriously before every mock test, they are bound to expect better results. 

Develop a smart strategy

There are toppers in every class who memorize the whole book before exams. Don’t feel bad if you are not one of them because cracking exams like NEET-UG needs intelligence, not swotting up. 

The primary job for each student before any challenging test is to strategize the whole neet syllabus and act accordingly. With proper analysis, even clearing each mock test will be easier and more fun. 

 A pro-tip: set benchmarks before each test. See how far you have come. Seek the better. 

The post-exam analyzation

Each mock test opens a gateway for a student to analyze their mistakes. If you have not performed well on a mock test, it is fine. Prepare yourself for better results the next time. After all, it is just a mock and you always have a second chance. 

A better understanding of time management

Every competitive exam needs proper channeling of time. If you want to answer 100% of each paper, take a mock test for the NEET examination weekly or twice a month. This way, you can prepare to complete a full paper on time with great accuracy. 

Better practice for a better preparation

Sometimes a conceptual understanding is not enough to crack a national level examination. The mock test for the NEET examination helps students to prepare better and solve problems faster. Since you have to solve 180 questions from each of the subjects, Biology, chemistry, and physics, you must solve it quickly. While sitting for a neet mock test papers, you will understand where you lag and where you have to improve. In case you are lagging, you must start your preparations today. Learn the basics, go through your textbook, and apply your knowledge on mock tests. After all, self-examining is always the best.

Why should you never skip a mock test before the NEET examination?

Remember that, With every mock test for NEET examination you take, you’re taking a step forward to the final. You get a better understanding of the question type, question pattern. Sometimes, you get the same question twice for consecutive exams. With mock tests, you get a clear idea of which topics to study more and which part is less important in that very year. 

Since every mock test is a chance to strengthen your weak points, you should never miss them out.