6 Ways For You To Be A Competitive Rental Applicant


Renting has now become appealing to people who previously didn’t plan to be a tenant. The primary driver for this shift is rising home prices and a general cost of living.

What used to take only a portion of one’s salary to buy a decade ago has now increased twofold. One example is home appliances, things needed to perform upkeep on a home.

In a rental, that burden is passed on to the landlord. And since tenants don’t have to stress themselves over such matters, it can accrue many savings over time. Listed below are six ways to become a model applicant when searching for a rental.

1. Try Not to Wait Until the Last Minute

Residences like The Depot at Akron Student Apartments have units that sell quickly due to the quality of the units and a great atmosphere for tenants to enjoy. There are plenty of apartments and condos that are the same. Rentals can come and go quickly, with some units being leased the same day previous tenants moved out.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you quickly follow up on a rental that catches your eye before someone beats you to it. If a unit, for example, becomes available on a Monday, yet you hear about its availability on a Tuesday, it wouldn’t be ideal for you to inquire about it later on the weekend.

Remember, rentals go very fast, particularly when the property owner leases units that are known to be in good condition or in a prime location. Instead, it’s suggested that you speak with the landlord or rent office as quickly as possible. The likelihood of you getting it based on you showing up earlier to inquire sooner rather than later is high.

2. Search With What You Have

People old enough will remember a time when looking for a new rental sometimes started by grabbing fliers and pamphlets while leaving the grocery store. But that’s not where you’ll want to begin your search. Using apps on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop can give you better-refined listings than what you’ll see in a booklet.

For instance, some apps allow you to search for rentals with advanced search features. You’ll have the option to receive notifications when new or existing units are ready to be leased for those that previously piqued your interest.

People who have used such apps can attest to rentals sometimes showing for very short periods before being taken up by someone else viewing the same unit. In other words, web applications are great for finding rentals you want, not an apartment you’re forced to choose.

3. Have Your Documents Worked Out

Have you found the perfect rental? If so, you should have in the back of your head that at least four other people are inquiring about the units with you. Even if the landlord tells you otherwise, always assume that there’s competition, especially if the place you want to rent out is highly sought after.

Second, consider what the owner would want from their potential tenant when they meet up with you. Landlords are fond of applicants that have their documents together. so things like your ID or driver’s license, employment documents, and SSN should be on you, ready to share. Don’t forget to have a listing of your most recent credit report while you’re at it.

4. Show Who Can Vouch for You

When it comes to references, this should be about the same as what is put down on your resume.

Only this time, you don’t have to focus on the people you’ve worked with primarily. Gather the full names, job descriptions, and contact info of previous landlords, supervisors, or current managers at your place of employment. There’s a good chance that the landlord won’t contact everyone you name in your references, but it will show that you’re an ideal tenant.

5. Have the Proper Amount of Funds

After a quick look at your credit, place of work, and salary, a landlord will want to know if you have the money to pay off the security deposit.

Security deposits change according to the units, whether or not there’s furniture inside, and the state of the apartment before moving in. You should anticipate paying this deposit, including the lease’s first and last month’s rent. Prepare your savings early when you’re considering a move at some point later.

6. Don’t Forget About Appearances

This isn’t always mentioned, but looks can play a part in who and who doesn’t win the favor of a landlord. It’s certainly not recommended for prospective tenants to make inquiries in clothing that’s unappealing, like pajamas. Give a good impression by dressing for the occasion. Nothing too ostentatious but presentable.

Land Your Next Rental Easily

There’s nothing better than scoring a rental that you seek. It’ll give you a legitimate sense of accomplishment from knowing that you’re moving into a unit that is leased from the hard work you put into finding it. You may even decide to renew your lease when the first one expires.