A Complete Guide to Dental Marketing Trends in 2022


Despite your own perfect and welcoming smile, many people are still scared of visiting you in the dentist’s office. 

If you want to increase footfall in your practice this year, your dental practice could benefit from a fresh set of eyes on your marketing strategy. Dental marketing is different from any other kind: your job is to change what’s often seen as a tedious chore into a desirable appointment. 

So, don’t lose patients to your dental competitors this year. It’s time to review the latest marketing trends and get ahead of the curve. 

What marketing strategies can you use to increase your dental clientele? What are the latest trends in the dental marketing industry? Here’s the information you need to stay one step ahead.

Refreshed Websites 

Far too many dental practices have websites that look like they were created in the early 2000s. Even worse, they have no elements of dental SEO; therefore, their organic website traffic is virtually non-existent. 

This is good news for you. You can refresh your website with SEO content, improve aesthetic value, and track your SEO metrics. Check out this link for assistance with SEO and lead generation.

Most importantly, have an automated ‘book an appointment’ section. You want to make appointment booking an effortless experience for a customer that’s still unsure about your practice. 

Social Media Content 

Dental KPIs aren’t just about footfall through the door; they also apply to social media content. Visual content is increasingly popular, and social media is the best platform to spread your message. 

Build a following on each popular social media platform, track your engagement, and notice your dental marketing metrics increase. 

Are you stuck on content ideas? Try educating your audience about oral hygiene and the services you offer. 

Remember, millennials and gen Z (who spend a lot of time on social media) are reaching the age where they are in charge of their own oral hygiene. This is your chance to entice them and prove why you’re the best dentist in the area. 

Promotion of Enhanced Services 

Preventative and restorative dentistry isn’t trendy (although important), but the popularity of cosmetic dentistry is booming. 

If you offer more than just general dentistry, make this known! Promote yourselves wherever you can. Ideally, you’ll have a patient coming in for a check-up, hygienist visit, and teeth whitening all at once! 

From Invisalign to veneers, there are plenty of services that are in high demand for people of all ages. 

Get Ahead of the Curve With Dental Marketing This Year

If you’re looking to increase your dental clientele, it’s essential to look into dental marketing strategies. Beat your competitors, perform more procedures, and make more money than ever with these tips. 

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