A Snacking Guide to Cheese


The taste of France has always been classic and popular. French cuisine is found everywhere, from Parisian-style dining to fast food. However, within the borders of this country, there are many regions that specialize in making specific types of cheese. Most often these cheeses are made with milk from sheep, cows, or goats. Most often they are pressed and aged and used as a light snack or dessert.

Cheese and Their Snacks

One French cheese, in particular, is well-known all over the world: Brie. Its name derives from the region it has been made for over eight hundred years; Brie, which lies between Paris and Normandy. This creamy cheese is smooth and semi-soft with an edible white rind. Its own sweet flavor is complemented by the sherry-like taste of dry white wine, nuts, and fresh fruit like apple slices. Snacks like French bread or crackers can be used to enhance the taste of this cheese.


Another popular French cheese known all over the world is Cheddar. This type of cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a pale off-white color with a few small openings which are called “eyes”. This cheese is pressed and aged, although it is usually much harder than Brie. It’s made in large cylindrical pieces with a golden color. The center is firm when the cheese is young, but as it ripens, the texture becomes creamier and has a stronger taste. Cheddar can be sliced for sandwiches or eaten plain. It goes very well with grapes, apples, and pears. However, it is more often used as a cooking ingredient for melted cheese on top of broccoli or potatoes, or in Croque-monsieurs. It has a sharp, tangy flavor and is often used as part of other dishes like soufflés.


One original French cheese is called Camembert de Normandie. It is made in Normandy, France by using milk from Normande cows. This cheese has ivory to pale yellow color with a creamy consistency, but it may not always be uniform. It’s also possible that the rind will be slightly pink or grey-brown in color. Camembert de Normandie has a unique flavor which is described as one of the best cheeses in the world. It is usually eaten at room temperature or lightly chilled, and its taste becomes stronger as it ripens. This soft white cheese with its own flowery smell has an edible rind that encloses the creamy center. It gets its name from the village in Normandy where it was first made. Its smell and taste have been compared to those of butter, apples, and fresh hay. Snacks that can be made from Camembert de Normandie’s soft texture include open-faced sandwiches with apples and honey, as well as baked Brie. The cheese can also be spread on bread or crackers.


One French cheese that has only recently been discovered is Munster. It is similar to Camembert de Normandie in that it is made with cow’s milk, but unlike Camembert de Normandie, the rind of the cheese is washed instead of brushed. The taste of this soft cheese has been compared to Roquefort, another blue-veined French cheese. This cheese from Alsace is soft, smooth, and creamy with a pale yellow color. Its rind encloses the creamy center which melts away in your mouth. The taste is full of little holes that resemble Swiss cheese. It is often served with dark German beer or Alsatian Gewürztraminer wine, as well as fruit like grapes and apples. Snacks that can be made with Munster cheese include a combination of roasted pecans, honey, and slices of pear on top of crackers. In conclusion, cheese is a popular ingredient in various snacks and desserts throughout France, as well as all over the world. There are many types of cheeses from different regions which have been made for hundreds of years, each with its own delicious taste depending on its color and consistency. Therefore you can make numerous snacks of your choosing the next time you are looking for healthy snacks to buy.