Benefits of a website for your business


Having a website for your business is a no brainer. It is just as important as having a name and a telephone number. With online users increasing at an alarming rate, it can be argued that most consumers would expect brands to have some sort of space on the internet. So if you haven’t got one already, you could be missing out on a whole host of traffic that is going to your competitors instead! Here are the top 5 benefits for having a website for your business.

#1 You are online 24/7 

If you have a website, your brand is always online. This means anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world can look at your business, without having to wait until your standard opening time. In the comfort of their own home, and at their convenience, your audience can count on you to be there.

#2 A place to show of your value, and personality 

Your website is also your portfolio. It provides you with a chance to get creative, show off who you are as a brand as well as all the value you can provide your customers with. Make sure you take time to put together your brand persona and palate to keep it consistent. If you are not the creative type, don’t abandon the design, even consider hiring a Bespoke web design agency to help you showcase your brand instead. The design is important as it will be the first impression for new users! 

#3 Credibility 

Having a website in the 21st century is like a stamp of authenticity and trust. Most users spend their time online, and most brands are online. If you are not, this might lead to distrust within your audience, the same as if you did not have an address or contact number. It is expected of most businesses now. It also provides a place for you to give all the information they may need, like address, opening hours, services/products, reviews, etc. You can also take this a step further and expand your business by selling your products on your website to expand your reach, as well as include guides and tips to add more value and trust for your audience. 

#4 Futureproof

Everything is online. If you are still lucky enough to own a brick and mortar store to sell your good and services, having a website will future proof your business. If anything were to happen, be it personal or economic, you can always resort to your website and selling online. The pandemic has been a great example of this – many businesses who had online options continued to thrive, while others used the time to get themselves online as they were missing out!

#5 Expand your reach

Having a website means you are global. Anyone with internet access, all over the world will be able to visit your website. This will inturn expand your customer pool and hopefully, drive more sales! With good marketing strategies in place, you can work towards winning the top spaces in the search results, above your competitors.