Garage Packing Tips


You may think that kitchen will give you the most complicated task when packing for a move. Once you pack the garage items, you will realize that it is the most challenging place to pack before moving. 

For most people, the garage is a storage space for tools and items you cannot accommodate in the house. Any mechanical items and things you occasionally use, like seasonal decorations, will usually be in the garage. Doing the tasks yourself can be challenging, especially since you have the entire house to pack. A moving company should offer the services in their relocation packages. It would be best to inquire about the costs depending on your needs. If you decide to do the tasks by yourself, you will benefit from the garage packing tips below;

Ensure Safety

When packing for a move, safety is essential to avoid accidents and injuries. The items in a garage can pose safety risks, and you should ensure you are safe. First, disconnect any appliances or tools from the electricity. Still, remove portable batteries and other elements that attach to the equipment. If the machines use different energy sources like diesel, drain the substances before packing.

Handle the sharp tools with care and wrap them using paper before putting them in the boxes. You can use towels and other pieces of clothes to cover the objects. Still, fill the spaces that the items leave to minimize their movement in the box.

Know what to keep or get-Rid Of

Decluttering is vital for any room in a house before a move, but it is necessary for the garage. Most of the items you keep in the room, probably you do not need. It would help if you sorted the things to know what to keep and donate or trash. Do not go picking everything and putting them in boxes. It is healthy to declutter before a move.

Have a section for what you need, what to give or sell. You can make money from selling stuff via a yard sale. Also, you can give other items for recycling.

Clean before Packing

Minimal maintenance to your tools before moving can help. Cleaning the garage items does not necessarily mean scrubbing them to the core. But, it is removing the dirt and wiping to keep clean. Apart from having to clean in the new home, it helps with increasing its service life. It is satisfying to enter a new house with sanitary items, whether it is from the kitchen or garage.

Group and Pack in Separate Boxes

Organizing stuff is essential for a move. So, group the things in the garage depending on their features. Consider their sizes, usage, and safety when grouping or packing the items. Have separate boxes for the groups and label them accordingly. It will help with unpacking.

On the other hand, separate the essential items you will need immediately entering the new house. 


Packing can be tasking. The above tips can help you do it properly. Alternatively, hire a moving company for the tasks.