How To Replace a Water Heater


Are you looking to replace your water heater?

Few household projects can make you feel as sweaty and exhausted as changing your water heater. Water heaters are large and cumbersome, and any mistake you make can lead to serious injury.

So, do you have what it takes to replace one on your own? Or should you hire a professional to replace your water heater?

If you believe you can do it on your own, keep reading. Listed below are the steps you can take on how to replace a water heater.

Let’s explore replacing water heaters today!

Start With Buying a Replacement

Know the type of water heater you need before you proceed with the water heater replacement steps. There are three common types of water heaters; electric, gas, and tankless water heater. You need to determine the right size for your home.

Buy a replacement water heater that is the same size and type as your current water heater. Make sure to get all the required installation parts and accessories.

You need to consider the warranty. Some water heaters come with a limited warranty, while others do not.

Gather The Tools You Need

To replace a water heater, you will need to gather the following tools; a hacksaw, a screwdriver, a wrench, and a new water heater. You will use the hacksaw to cut the water line that leads to the old water heater.

You will also use the screwdriver to remove the two screws that hold the water heater in place. The wrench will be used to disconnect the gas line from the old water heater.

Shut Off the Supply and Disconnect

Before you can replace your water heater, you must first shut off the water supply to the unit. This can usually be done by turning a knob or lever to the “Off” position.

Once the power is off, you will need to remove the access panel. This will give you access to the water heater. Once the access panel is removed, you will be able to see the disconnect switch.

Drain The Tank and Disconnect Water Lines

Place a large bucket beneath the water heater drain valve. Open the drain valve to release the water from the tank. Close the drain valve when the water has drained from the tank.

Once the water has drained, disconnect the cold water inlet and hot water outlet pipes from the water heater.

Remove the Old Water Heater and Replace It With the New

Remove the water heater from its location and replace it with a new one. To install the new water heater, connect the gas line (if applicable). Then, connect the water supply lines and tighten the nuts with a wrench.

Finally, open the drainage valve and fill the tanks with water. Once the tanks are full, turn on the power and the water. If you think there is something you missed or if there is a malfunction, contact a water heater installation expert near you.

Learn How to Replace a Water Heater On Your Own

If you have a broken water heater, don’t despair! You can replace it on your own with some basic tools and a little know-how. Just follow the steps on how to replace a water heater in this article and you’ll have a new water heater in no time.

And if you’re ever in doubt, there’s always YouTube to watch a how-to video. So go ahead and take on this project, you can do it!

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