Photoshop CC vs Photoshop: What Are the Differences?


As you know, photographers can use many software options to edit their photos. Photoshop, in particular, is a widely used software for many projects.

Photoshop offers endless ways for designers and photographers alike to create their masterpieces. There are already two different Photoshop versions you can download on the market, Photoshop CC and Photoshop.

What is Photoshop? What is Photoshop CC? What’s the difference?

How do you decide whether you need Photoshop CC vs Photoshop? We’ve got the answers right here, with a full breakdown of the differences. Keep reading to learn more!

System Requirements

Regarding the system requirements, both Photoshop CC vs Photoshop is pretty much the same. They require a computer with an Intel Pentium 4 or later processor, at least 2GB of RAM, and at least 2.5GB of available hard-disk space.

However, Photoshop CC requires a 64-bit operating system, while Photoshop can run on either a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. So, if you’re using an older computer with a 32-bit operating system, you’ll need to stick with Photoshop.


There is a big difference between Photoshop CC and Photoshop concerning costs. Photoshop CC is a subscription-based program that costs $9.99/month, while Photoshop is a one-time purchase that currently costs $699. So, if you’re looking at the cost alone, Photoshop CC is the clear winner.

However, when you factor in the cost of the software over time, Photoshop becomes the better option. For example, if you use Photoshop for six years, the program cost would still be $699, while the cost of Photoshop CC would be $719 over that same period.


Photoshop CC has a dark interface, while Photoshop has a light one. Additionally, the menu and buttons are slightly different. For example, in Photoshop CC, the “Edit” menu is located on the top left, while in Photoshop, it’s on the top right.

If you don’t want the standard interface, you could go for a customized one that is perfect and easy for you. You could do much more with these tips.


Photoshop CC has significantly more tools available. It also has newer, more powerful versions of existing tools. Photoshop CC also has several tools exclusive to the program, such as the Blur Gallery and the Shake Reduction tool.

Photoshop, on the other hand, lacks some of the advanced features found in Photoshop CC. It also has a more limited selection of tools.

One of the critical tools that remains the same is the pen tool. However, if you’re new to editing, might as well check a guide to know how to use it. An example of such can be seen here.

Stay With the Classics or in With the New: Photoshop CC vs Photoshop

If you’re wondering whether you should upgrade to Photoshop CC or stick with Photoshop, this article outlines the main differences between the two. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want to use Photoshop for.

Photoshop CC is worth the investment if you’re a professional photographer or graphic designer. However, if you’re a casual user, then Photoshop will likely suffice.

Does this answer your question about the Photoshop CC vs Photoshop differences? If you’re looking for more design content, why not check out our other articles to get some exciting content for your reading list?