The Best Ways to Stay Active While Traveling


Exploring the world doesn’t mean you have to skip your workouts or fitness regimes. Use your imagination and plan ahead to easily fit in some exercise while you’re travelling. Here are some expanded strategies to help you stay active and healthy while enjoying your travel adventures.

Wake Up Early

Embrace the beauty of the early morning hours. The peace and tranquility of the city before the hustle and bustle take over make for a perfect setting for a morning jog or brisk walk. This is also an opportunity to discover and familiarize yourself with the area around your accommodation. Not to mention, you could even get to see a gorgeous sunrise, which would be incredible.

Discover on Foot

Rather than resorting to taxis or public transportation, consider exploring your destination on foot. Walking allows you to delve deeper into the local culture, architecture, and hidden gems that you might miss otherwise. Plus, walking is a great way to get exercise without too much impact, great for your heart and burning calories. You’ll also make some great savings on transport costs!

Choose the Stairs

Choosing stairs over elevators or escalators is a simple yet effective way to stay active. Climbing stairs is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise and helps strengthen your legs and core muscles. Even though it may not seem like it, this can really help your exercise while you’re away.

Participate in Local Activities

Get active and experience the local culture by joining in on local activities. Try surfing in Australia, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, or practicing Tai Chi in China. These activities not only provide excellent physical exercise but also offer a unique cultural experience that will enrich your travels.

Utilize Hotel Amenities

Take advantage of the fitness amenities your hotel offers. Many accommodations provide gyms, swimming pools, yoga mats, or even guided fitness classes. Dedicate a portion of your day to utilize these facilities. Even just a short workout can help keep your fitness on track, lift your energy, and make you feel energized.

Experience the Joy of Cycling

The experts at Woom say that for families, cycling offers a unique, fun-filled way to stay active and explore new destinations. Renting adults and kids bikes to tour a city or taking a family bike ride along picturesque trails can create unforgettable memories. Cycling is a great cardio workout and a perfect way to spend time with your family and get the kids moving.

Carry Portable Fitness Equipment

Consider packing lightweight fitness equipment such as resistance bands, a yoga mat, or a skipping rope. These items can be easily used for quick workouts in your hotel room or a local park, ensuring you have the ability to exercise no matter where you are.

Maintain Proper Nutrition and Hydration

Don’t forget how important it is to stay hydrated and eat healthy. Travel often means indulging in local cuisine, which can sometimes lead to overeating or choosing less healthy options. Get the right balance of fresh, local produce and lean proteins and don’t forget to drink lots of water.


Integrating activity into your travel plans doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It’s all about embracing opportunities for movement, exploration, and cultural immersion. Whether it’s greeting the day with an early morning jog, choosing stairs over the elevator, or incorporating local activities into your itinerary, each step contributes to maintaining your fitness routine while also enhancing your travel experience.

Just remember that even walking or biking can make a big difference to your wellbeing. Moreover, these activities often provide a richer, more intimate understanding of the places you visit.