Top 5 Best Apps For Creating Beautiful Instagram Stories


Words will always be a precious commodity of communication but there is no denying the fact that we have entered into the era of visuals. With decreasing attention span and evolution in technology, you will see how far we have come in the conversation we have online. With social media taking the world by storm we all have our own broadcasting channels. Thanks to shorter attention span the ideas of stories and snack videos have taken over almost all the prominent social media platforms.

But there is another reason that comes into play when we talk about visuals beings a big part of our daily communications and that is the aesthetic values that stories, stickers, GIFs, bring to our lives. Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram are social media platforms that have emphasised on such aesthetic values of posts even more and have able to gain a lot of popularity amongst the Millennials and GenZies.

These platforms are coming up with updates to add more filters and other options you can use to make your posts or stories even more pretty. And the users are responding to these updates by being amazingly creative with these features. But if you still find something lacking from your stories and wondering how others on your Instagram are coming up with such beautiful pictures and stories than the reason is the use of additional apps that they use to tweak their pictures even more.

So I decided to curate this list of Best Apps that will help you edit your stories like a pro if you have an android phone.

1. Adobe Spark

Play Store Rating – 

Price – Free with Paid Subscription Options

Adobe has quite a reputation when it comes to editing apps. Adobe Spark is not a single app but a suite of apps that editors use. The Spark Video app of the suite is good if you are a lot into videos and want to edit them. Spark Post is amazing when it comes to tweaking pictures and incorporate add-ons like text. Adobe Spark has quite a lot of features to try out like adding animation to videos or edit a picture or video with effects, filters, colours, or text. Like any good video editing tools, Adobe Sparks allows you to add audio to your videos.

2. Spark AR Studio

Play Store Rating – 

Price – Free

Filters are such an easy way to make your photos or videos look like they have been edited by a pro. Keeping this Filter trend in mind Facebook has launched Spark AR Studio using which anyone can create their own augmented reality experience. It is quite a neat app with really cool features for you to experiment with.

The app has pre-loaded tutorials to help you get the most out of this app. To get a more hands-on experience you even get free samples to work on.

3. HootSuite

Play Store Rating – 

Price – 30-Day Free Trial

If you are a blogger who is also very active on Instagram or have a buisness account then HootSuite is an app user acquisition that can help you a lot with your stories. You can preplan your stories when you have free time and schedule when they will be posted on social media platforms. Since different platforms have different optimized times this app can come in quite handy. It even allows you to edit your pictures so that they suit better.


Play Store Rating – 

Price – Free With Paid Pro Version (Different Paid Plans)

VSCO is an amazing photo editing app that has some of the best filters called presets. These presets are professional looking and can give that aesthetic edge to your pictures. For free users there are 10 presets while if you go for the paid version you can unlock more than 200 presets. In addition to that, there are editing tools for both pictures and videos that give you more control over how you wish to edit your photos. You can even incorporate add-ons like texts and shapes.

5. Unfold

Play Store Rating – 

Price – Free With Paid Pro Plans

Unfold takes pride in calling itself “a toolkit for storytellers”. Another great application if you are a social media writers, or have a social media quotes page. If you want to create those snackable stories with pictures then Unfold has more than 200 templates for you to create those. Some of these templates are available in the paid version. There are also other photo editing and textures tools to play around with. You also get to experiment with a bunch of different text tools like fonts and styles.

Parting Words…

These are some of the best apps I know for story editing. So do try and play around the amazing features to find the app that suits you the best.

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