What Bloggers Should Know About Primary and Secondary Keywords


16-20% of keywords searched on Google daily have never been searched before.

Yet, most bloggers keep repeating the same keywords in their content. These bloggers don’t understand how keywords work and end up misusing them.

To become a great blogger, you must learn how different SEO writing tactics work. Your goal is to write authoritative blogs that generate massive traffic.

Read on to learn what bloggers should know about primary and secondary keywords.

What’s the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Keywords?

Primary keywords are terms you want your content to rank for. They’re words that most people use to search for products/services your business sells. A company that offers SEO services in Long Island can use keywords such as this long island SEO Company or SEO services Long Island.

The secondary keywords support primary keywords by providing more information. They’re terms that are semantically related to the primary keywords. Secondary keywords aim to improve organic search ranking and reduce bounce rates.

How to Choose the Right Keywords

A key part of SEO writing should involve undertaking extensive keyword research. Search for primary keywords with a high search volume and a low difficulty index. Use the top keyword planner tools to measure these metrics.

Also, understand how different types of keywords works and how to use them properly. The goal is to know how to use head, body, and long-tail keywords.

The other way to decide which keyword to use is to analyze your target audience. Put yourself in these people’s shoes and try to guess the keywords they use. Carry out a survey where you’ll ask people the terms they use when searching for your products/services.

Also, research the keywords other bloggers in your niche use. You want to broaden your list of keyword ideas.

Finally, analyze the results of the SEO keywords you picked to measure relevancy. The idea is to replace low-ranking keywords with high-ranking ones to increase organic traffic.

How to Use Keywords Properly

Many bloggers overuse keywords hoping to increase organic ranking. Unfortunately, keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO strategy that is bound to fail in the long run. For reliable long-term results, learn the right way to use keywords.

Here are some of the places to add primary and secondary keywords:

• The SEO title
• Meta description
• Headers
• Introduction
• Conclusion

Your goal is to add the keywords in all the right places to increase organic traffic.

Become a Great Blogger by Learning to Use Primary and Secondary Keywords Properly

You must learn to properly use primary and secondary keywords to write blogs that attract huge organic traffic. Rely on the above tips to find out how to choose the right keywords. You want to use keywords with a high search volume to improve organic ranking.

Also, you need to learn the right way to use primary and secondary keywords. The goal is to add these keywords in all the right places while avoiding keyword stuffing.

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