What To Expect During Your Kitchen Remodel


Are you planning on doing some kitchen remodeling Los Angeles soon? If so, you may want to read up on what to expect during the process. The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and for good reason – it’s where the family gathers to hang out, enjoy meals and make memories together. For that reason, it’s important for your kitchen remodel to go smoothly, so you and your family can enjoy the kitchen space of your dreams. If you’ve never done kitchen remodeling Pacific Palisades before, here are the usual steps involved.

Schedule an Initial Consultation To Pin Down What You Want

Before you can begin the remodeling process, you’ll need to schedule an initial consultation with kitchen designers Santa Monica in order to flesh out your vision for the kitchen. These consultations can help you figure out what look you want, how much it will cost and more. For instance, a single consultation could help you:

  • Determine a remodel budget
  • Pin down which aspects of your kitchen you’d like to upgrade
  • Shop for different remodeling options
  • Pick your new kitchen color scheme, theme, cabinets, countertops and more
  • Lay out blueprints and plans for the upgrades

Prep Your Home for the Installation Process

Once you’ve pinned down your exact vision, drawn up the plans and scheduled the start of construction, it’s time to prep the rest of your home for the temporary mess that the remodeling process will inevitably involve to some extent. In some cases, your contractor will straighten up the house for you; in others, you may need to do some prep work yourself. If the latter is the case, make sure you:

  • Pull any furniture out of the kitchen temporarily
  • Stow away any appliances, cutlery and more that may normally sit on your countertops
  • Lay down tarp or plastic coverings to protect your floors and any areas that aren’t getting remodeled

Focus on Post-Installation Maintenance and Detail Tweaking

Even after the remodel process comes to a close, you may need to keep a close eye on your kitchen to ensure all the details have been done exactly how you want. In some cases, contractors may offer to pay you a visit a few weeks after completion of the remodel to ensure you and your family are truly enjoying the new space. Some easy ways to conduct this detail-tweaking and post-installation maintenance include the following.

  • Ask your contractor how to care for your new cabinets, countertops, floors or fixtures
  • Schedule a 30-day tune-up appointment to ensure the remodel went well
  • Take note of any details you may want to tweak or upgrade again

Remodeling your kitchen can help you achieve the kitchen style you’ve always wanted, but it’s best to go into the remodeling process prepared. Before you sign up to begin construction on your new kitchen, be sure to go to initial consultations to flesh out your vision, prepare your home for the temporary mess and keep a close eye on the details. With this deeper understanding of the remodeling process, you can feel confident that you and your family will end up with the kitchen of your dreams.