Why is Adobe Experience Manager Better Than WordPress?


Are you into a business? If yes, scroll down to read this post which will eventually enable you to make better decisions for creating your online presence. WordPress or AEM development services providing companies are increasing with each passing day. The reason being it is quite essential for entrepreneurs to take their business to an online platform.   

In such a scenario, it is important for businesses to have an online presence so that customers can reach out in no time. Well, it is essential to single out the wonderful content management system that eventually takes your business to the next level. There are numerous types of CMS available for the web presence of a business. But, it is vital to choose the one which is function-rich. Business owners choose mostly from WordPress and AEM. 

Well, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is head and shoulders above WordPress in many ways. AEM is an open-source platform designed by Adobe which uses the feature drag & drops for making awe-inspiring pages. WordPress is an open-source CMS that offers thrilling plugins which the business owners can choose as per their business. 

4 Reasons why you must single out Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) over WordPress: 

1 Ease of sharing the content by the support of numerous channels: 

This feature enables the business owners to keep all contents and important info centralized. Adobe Experience Manager provides this feature for the users so that they are able to develop the content and share the same on different platforms such as single-page apps, web platforms, smartphones, etc. 

On the contrary, WordPress does not offer this particular feature to the users. If your business requires functioning from numerous channels then you must cherry-pick AEM development services for your entire business as per your requirement. 

2 Editing option in the CMS: 

AEM offers a wonderful option to edit a particular page inside different types of modes. The businessmen can easily choose from numerous modes for ease of functioning. AEM includes the targeting mode by which a user can easily know about various factors according to the location, time, etc. Implementing such effective modules is like a cakewalk in AEM.

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This particular feature is missing from WordPress. So, when you are unable to decide from Adobe Experience Manager vs WordPress, you must zero down AEM. 

3 Artificial Intelligence enabled CMS for the customers:

Another important factor to keep in mind is Artificial Intelligence enabled CMS so that it provides good customer satisfaction. The newfangled technology is helpful in numerous ways. Adobe Experience Manager includes the built-in AI which is generally referred to as Adobe Sensei.

It enables quick development of content in the blink of an eye by businessmen. Moreover, WordPress does not involve such an AI based system. When it comes to efficient functioning of bigger industries, choosing the AEM makes for a better choice than WordPress. 

4 Considering the workflow: 

Workflow features in the content management system is essential in order to provide better customer satisfaction, As the leading AEM development company, we develop mesmerizing CMS according to business needs. Workflow involvement may not be a compulsion for small businesses but it is vital when the business team has a high number of members. 

AEM includes the thrilling functionality of workflow mode wherein it is easy to check the content well in advance before it goes online. But, the WordPress does not involve such striking features in case of workflow modes. That’s why AEM is the better choice. 

Closing Thoughts:

So, it will not be wrong to say that Adobe Experience Manager is the platform that gives myriad benefits to the business owners so as to enhance their revenues and sales. WordPress does not offer massive features to the business owners. Opting for AEM will eventually lead to growth and advancement of business at the speed of light as compared to choosing WordPress. If you are looking forward to developing the best CMS, feel free to contact us, and we will assist you further in the development of amazing CMS which will be profitable according to your business needs.