3 Different Types Of Power Cord

Power Cord

The world we reside in today works alongside technological advancement. With technology and innovation comes power cords in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Be it for your office or home, you need quality power cords to enable all your electronic devices to function. As much necessary as power cords are for your gadgets and appliances, they are often taken for granted. While most people don’t pay attention when purchasing them, others neglect them, which leads to damage or losing them for good.

Do you want to buy new cords or replace the old ones? Are you wondering what the different types of power cords are? Read on to know the primary power cords you can use in your home, garage, or even office.

What are the three basic types of power cords?

The world of cords is fascinating yet confusing. You can find power cords in different sizes, colors, lengths, and varying connectors to fit your devices and uses. Every electronic device you use will ultimately need power and a power cord, whether smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, servers, and other entertainment devices. You need not only the proper cord but also the correct specifications and tolerance for the power setup. It can often get highly confusing to choose the suitable one, from a durable flat power cord to an efficient long extension cable.

If you are unaware of the different types of cords, you need to understand the basics first. Here are three types of power cords that you can use for your electricals:

1. Basic Black Cord

It would be unwise to talk about power cords and not mention the staple cord you can find everywhere. It is a necessary cord in black color that you can use for electronics and gadgets. From your video games to Christmas decorations, a basic black cord can be your go-to choice because of the versatility. The black cord has become increasingly popular because of its reliability. You usually get this wire along as a starter set when you buy computers or video components. If not, you can get it from the nearest store at highly affordable prices as well.

Besides that, black cords are also the most durable one among the many available today. They can help you quickly declutter the tangled mess of cords in your office or home. Even if you want to use a gadget or device for technical work, basic black cords can handle the ideal option.

2. Extension Cord

While you might want your electronic device to always be in the close vicinity of a power outlet, it’s not always the case. In such a situation, when you want to provide power to the gadget, you will require an extension cord to deliver the current. There are two types of extension cord – long and short. When you need to power only one device at a distance from the actual power outlet, you can use a long extension cord. But, when you need to provide current to many devices at once and not at a distance, you can get a small pack power cord. They can allow you to multi-task and power plenty of devices all at once. It also has a loop that can help you hang the cord on the wall and keep things neat.  

In the United States, the extension cords must comply with NEMA standards. They have a standard three-prong design, consisting of two flat and a round prong arranged in the shape of a triangle that you can plug into the power outlet. Extension cords can either be red indicating outdoor use or yellow for both indoor and outdoor use. It can also have display tags that point if they are suitable for light, medium, or heavy use. 

3. Yellow NEMA Power Cord

NEMA or National Electrical Manufacturers Association is an organization that describes standards for various electricals, including power cords and connectors used on them. North America and many other countries also adhere to the standards and guidelines of NEMA. A yellow NEMA power cord, popularly known as the NEMA power cord, is famous for its impeccable quality.

It is a heavy-duty cord in bright yellow color that can be used for any electrical device. You can put it to use for anything like gardening, tools in your garage, and even gadgets in your home. The yellow NEMA power cord comes with a LED socket that contains a light that turns on with power and acts as an indicator. It has reinforced prongs, which are useful and durable, ensuring they don’t bend or break. If you are working around water, you can easily get water-resistant power cords. Some of them may also have a lifetime warranty, so better check it once.

Final Thoughts

While there are many different kinds of power cables available in the market, it is essential to choose the right one. Check the quality, warranty, regulations, and safety offered by cable to ensure you can get a seamless power supply. Get any high-grade power cord from the ones mentioned with the required specifications for your electrical devices.