5 Creative Arts And Crafts Ideas For Adults


How many of us get back to the art and craftwork that we did in our school days? Even in traditional schools, teachers do not strictly evaluate these skills, and children take them for granted. But in the current age of cell phones and social media, art is as important as physical exercise. It is a way to vent out the daily stress of our lives.

You can interact with people having similar interests and ideas, join a club, go to workshops, and take time off from the digital world. It improves your hand-eye coordination. One learns to make useful items, recycles waste products, saves money by making gift items, and all these give a sense of accomplishment. The best part is you learn crafting methods quickly. Below are a few simple art and craft ideas that one can try at home.

1. Paper Crafts:

Paper crafts are among the simplest artworks. Hand-made flowers, 3D butterflies, paper lanterns, bags, envelopes, paper crowns, etc., are a few of the exciting items that one can make. For paper flowers and wall hangings, printables are available on the internet. You require minimal supplies like color paper or cardstock, hot glue, scissors, and drawing pencils. Adding floral wires helps you keep a bunch of flowers together. In the beginning,  you cut as per the template and stick the pieces together. Later on, start customizing the designs. You can keep the florals in a flower vase, stick butterflies on a door, make paper wall decors, etc. Attaching colorful paper bags, ball designs to the serial lights are some of the options available to reuse them for parties and festivals. These are the ways to bring a new look to the interiors without spending much.

2. Yarn Designs:

Yarn designs are perfect for adults; they require patience and can be an enjoyable group activity. You can make simple art cards, wall decor, decorate flower vases, decorative balls, etc. Yarn balls for Christmas are easy to make.

One needs styrofoam balls, colorful threads, and glue. Apply the hot glue on the ball and start putting the yarn down in a circle. As a beginner, one can learn yarn decorations by sticking thread over simple drawings. It is advisable to start with shapes like circles, squares, etc. One would require a white paper/ chart, glue, cotton swabs, scissors, and colorful yarns. You can use these designs to make wall hangings, greeting cards. You can also make a braided design with colorful threads and tie them to a gift card.

3. Hanging plant shelves:

People living in apartments do not have an allocated garden space. But the desire to grow plants is always there. Plants are soothing to our eyes and provide oxygen. Making a hanging shelf for the plant pots is a useful craft to learn. One can get the required materials such as wooden plaques, jute, decoration materials, etc., from e-commerce websites. Based on the size of the wooden plank, you can increase the number of plants. As a beginner, start with a round plaque suitable for keeping a pot. You need to drill four holes that are slightly larger than the width of the jute thread. Cut the jute threads to the desired length, and for decoration purposes, you can also use wooden beads. The last step is to tie the jute threads to a hook on the ceiling.

4. Colored glassware:

Glassware gives you a lot of options to personalize. The best thing about glassware decoration is that you can start experimenting with used mason jars, wine bottles, drinking glasses, etc. So, there is not much cost involved. You can color the glass, add painting designs, make fragrant oil lamps, candles, soap dispensers, etc. A simple DIY is to make painted wine glasses. You can download printables and affix them to the inside of the glass with painter’s tape. Then trace the design or letters on the outer surface using gloss enamel paint. Instead of tracing, one can try painting simple designs like polka dots, swirls, stripes, etc. Allow it to air dry or put it in an oven for quick drying. Learning glass painting and decorations is a simple way to enhance your interior and garden area.

5.   Drawer organizers:

Be it kitchen drawers or kids’ study table-we dump whatever fits in into the drawers. At times, the mess seems to defeat the entire purpose of drawers. Therefore, partitioning the drawer into desired sizes and allocating a place for every small item makes things look neat and organized. Also, you need not waste time searching for items when you are in a hurry.

A simple hack to create a drawer organizer is to use binning strips. It is possible to cut these strips as per the side length of the drawer. You can use wood slats or cardboard to create partitions.

Final Thoughts:

Art and craft are the best ways to kill boredom. They make you productive and give you a chance to impress people. You can gift unique hand-made items to friends and relatives. One also learns to utilize waste products. It is a way to boost your creativity and give fodder to your brain cells. You can even meet like-minded people in demo sessions and tutorial classes. Thus engaging oneself in the art world is a way to stay away from social media and value human connections. At times, it can become your second career too.