4 Tips for Selling Your Home


Truth must be told that the real estate market is declining by the day, and the easiest way to sell your home is to lower the price. But you don’t have to follow that route.

Improving your home attractiveness is a perfect way of selling your home in a cooling real estate market.

This article gives you tips on how you can make your home attractive to prospects and easily get your ROI.

Distinguish your home from the neighbors

To draw the attention of the prospective buyer, you have to make your home more memorable. Here, you may need to consider custom designs and additions like landscaping, a new roof, high-grade windows, and such. That will help in improving the aesthetics and add value to your home. The improvements must be practical and use colors/designs that appeal to a broad audience. The home color and style should complement other amenities like building a deck or a patio outdoor.

However, though it will pay to improve your home, be careful not to over-spice it. Research has shown that some renovations like adding some new shingles or extra bathrooms may not always pay, and therefore, you’ve to consider what is necessary. Look for features that you can improve and less costly ones. 

Cleaning the clutter

Clutter in your home eats up space, and space is what sells to any prospective buyers. The buyer wants to ‘feel’ themselves in the new space, and if it’s squeezed, you may not attract them.  This could mean you keep off some furniture and other personal items like family photographs. You will need to hire a stager to free up space and ensure that the house is in good condition and attractive to the prospect.

Make the deal sweeter.

Another way of making your home attractive is to offer sweeteners. For instance, a seller who offers credit worth thousands of dollars toward closing costs will receive more attention from a home hunter who’s looking for a similar offer.  In a down market like real estate, buyers will always look for the best deals, and you’ve to make them feel like they’re getting one from you.

You can also consider offering a transferable warranty, which often will cost the range of $400 to $600 for an annual policy covering appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and such that fail. A potential buyer will feel more at ease with such offerings. They know they’re covered against such and therefore your home becomes more attractive.

 Improve the curb

Most sellers overlook the curb area, and you can imagine, this is the first thing that will attract or keep off a buyer. The external appearance of your home and how it fits into the neighborhood will determine how attractive your home is to a prospect. No one wants to be in a home that looks out of place. Thus you may need to try some fresh paint and have the bushes and the lawn manicured.

In real estate, appearances matter and if you want to make your home stand out among many in the neighborhood, try improving it. Get a professional like Sinclair Moving & Storage to help you stage your home so that it becomes attractive to the buyer.