Has COVID-19 Actually Affected Any Sports Event?


Sport is the main contributor to social and economic development. In fact, sporting payment professionals, like Chris Norminton, argue that its role is highly acknowledged by governments and included in the 2030 Political Declaration Agenda that reflects the contribution sports made to empower young individuals, communities, and women. At the onset, Coronavirus has spread to every country globally. Physical and social distancing measures, schools, social life, and business lockdowns have become commonplace to curtail its spread. 

Beyond that, the virus has disrupted most regular aspects of life, such as physical and sporting activities. The global pandemic challenges can be witnessed in the sporting world, including vulnerable and marginalized groups. For you to protect the health of athletes and other individuals taking part in sporting activities, many events at national, international, and regional levels have been postponed or canceled. To understand whether or not the pandemic has affected sports events, here are key points to look at:

  • The FBA

The FBA (Football Business Academy) is devoted to training the next generation of leaders in the football sector. It is not surprising that this pioneering educational institution is stepping in this unprecedented and precarious time to navigate the way forward. In response to global confinements, lockdowns, and quarantines, the FBA introduced a weekly webinar to seriously help stakeholders apprise key industry developments.

In the webinar, a few primary issues in football were addressed at the moment. This included the impact on specific leagues, clubs, and the overall effect of the pandemic on football.

  • Athletics

ISTAF, the traditional Berlin athletic meeting, will not occur without spectators this year if the pandemic restrictions remain intact. According to organizers, the 79th edition of this event is scheduled for September 13th, though it is anticipated to be canceled, and the decision will be made by the end of June.

The World Athletics Championships arranged to occur in Oregon in August this year has also been postponed to July 2022 to prevent clashing with the rescheduled Olympic Games. Apart from the World Athletics Championships and ISTAF, the current pandemic has also affected the following:

  • The World Para Athletics European Championships
  • The Diamond League
  • The World Athletics Indoor Championships
  • The NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has seen players sidelined due to contact tracing protocols and coronavirus testing. Though it will continue to move forward with the season, hoping for tightened procedures for the social interactions and movement of coaches and players to pay off.

The NBA officially announced the measures that essentially close off staff and players to any kind of movement outside team-approved activities, be it on the road or at home. With this pace, the week-long break between the second and first halves of this season will be filled with rescheduled contests. Though with the Olympic Summer Games around the corner, there is a hard deadline for the NBA to complete the season.

  • NCAA Tournament

The NCAA president released a statement announcing the NCCA tournament’s cancellation for women’s and men’s basketball. This also includes canceling every spring and winter NCAA championships.

However, the NCAA COVID-19 advisory board, consisting of infectious disease and leading health public professionals in the US, advised the association to hold tournaments without fans.

In a Nutshell!

Sporting industries are among the many hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but governments’ new measures globally to fight the spread are not enough. Tournaments have been postponed, and major leagues canceled or postponed across different sports, including football, sailing, cycling, basketball, and athletics, just to name a few. 

Many event organizers and federations are faced with a few financial and sporting challenges, as they may not meet all the legal obligations outlined in different sponsorship and broadcasting. Though as people wait for a ‘miracle’ to happen, sports fanatics have no option but to adjust to the new normal.