5 Common Waste Disposal Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Waste management is a vital practice any establishment or property should practice. It helps keep a place sanitized and free from health and safety hazards. However, handling trash isn’t as simple as putting any type of waste in the garbage bin.  

There are some common waste disposal mistakes you’d want to avoid to ensure your rubbish won’t be mishandled once it leaves your property.  

1. Storing Trash For A Long Time  

One mistake you should avoid making is storing your garbage for a prolonged period. If you pile your trash in your area, a foul smell may start to develop and make it uncomfortable for you to perform your daily tasks. Also, a pest infestation may occur if you don’t know how to manage your garbage properly. Insects like cockroaches or flies may start to thrive in your residence if you have poor waste management.  

It may be best to schedule a regular garbage pickup to avoid trash from piling up in your place. You can hire a company that offers same-day rubbish removal, so you don’t have to worry about accumulating junk. If you don’t know where to find a reliable waste disposal service, you can try asking around your neighbourhood or you can visit the site that offers rubbish pickup services near your location.  

2. Throwing Harmful Waste With Normal Waste  

Some trash you produce at home may cause harm to other people if you don’t dispose of them properly. For instance, throwing away broken glass carelessly may injure the disposal personnel who handles your garbage. Thus, it’s advisable to learn how to segregate and get rid of waste correctly.  

If you need to throw away harmful items like chemicals or sharp objects, you should separate them from your ordinary waste. For sharp items, wrap them in paper to prevent accidents like cuts or wounds. You can also label the trash to indicate that the contents need to be handled with extra precautions.  

Additionally, if you’re in a hurry to remove chemical items from your premises, it may be best to contact a rubbish disposal company to pick them up from your home as soon as possible. Also, remember to seal the chemicals and ensure there are no leaks or lingering smells to prevent chemical exposure.  

3. Not Recycling Properly  

Nowadays, many homeowners are encouraged to recycle their trash to lessen the waste harming the environment. In some cases, the rubbish company servicing your area may require you to segregate your trash for easier pickup. You may also be asked to separate any items that can still be repurposed to ensure they won’t end up in the landfill.  

Waste Disposal

However, simply separating recyclable trash like plastic bottles may not be enough to ensure they’ll be processed accordingly. Plastic items or containers labeled as recyclable can’t be reused if they’re dirty or contaminated with foreign materials like food. Most recycling centres process trash in big batches, so dirty containers may just be rejected. So, if you want to ensure all your plastic trash will be recycled, wash them before throwing them in the trash.  

4. Mixing Food Waste With Non-Biodegradable Waste 

If you want to implement a good waste management system in your home, ensure that you provide a separate container for your food waste. For instance, if you’re throwing vegetable or fruit peels, don’t mix them with your other trash like paper or plastics. Mixing your trash may make it difficult for the rubbish company to process and segregate them.  

If you’re looking for an alternative disposal system for food waste, you can try building a compost bin on your property. A compost can lessen the amount of biodegradable rubbish you throw away. If you’re growing a home garden, it can also help you save money on fertilizer for your plants.  

5.Using Poor Packaging 

Trash is easier to collect if it’s packed well. For instance, wrapping all your waste in a garbage bag and tying it up properly will prevent anything from spilling out. Placing it in a bag will also make it easier for the rubbish disposal personnel to pick it up. On the other hand, if you put your trash in a flimsy container like a thin plastic wrapper, the load inside may tear it and cause a mess.  

So, if you want a seamless garbage pickup from your property, ensure that you use a good-quality bag for your trash. Also, try to use eco-friendly products instead of conventional plastic ones to lessen the amount of waste you contribute to the environment.  

Final Thoughts  

Proper waste management and disposal are essential in preserving your home’s cleanliness and the state of the environment. It can prevent the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill and encourage recycling. So, if you want to have a good disposal practice, you may start by segregating your waste correctly and hiring a same-day pickup service.