No one expects to encounter a head-on collision on any day. Unfortunately, they happen, and the best way to be safe is to know what to do during such a devastating moment. Whether it is a minor or severe crash, it is vital to remain calm and avoid escalating the situation further. Here are some critical steps to take.

Determine if You Have Injuries

After a head-on collision, the first thing to do is to check yourself for injuries. If you are lucky enough to be unhurt, try to determine if anyone else is hurt and get medical assistance if someone needs it. You can quickly call an ambulance and inform the respondent of the injuries and fatalities involved.

Call The Police

Regardless of how minor a head n collision is, you must call the police to make an official report. You never know the accident’s aftermath, especially since internal injuries and car damages may take a while to manifest. If anything, never leave an accident scene you were involved in, as that can implicate you as the negligent driver.

When an officer gets to the scene, give your statement and request a copy of the accident report. Avoid implicating yourself, and do not speculate anything. If you don’t feel injured, say you are unsure about your injuries until you get a complete medical examination.

Collect Information

Collect as much information as possible after a head-on collision. You can use your phone camera to take pictures or videos of the situation, including the damage to your car, the state of the road, and weather conditions. Gather the information of the involved driver(s), their contact details, car registration, insurance details, etc.

If there are witnesses, see if they are willing to provide you with any information about the incident and collect their contact information. However, do not share personal information like social security numbers or coverage limits on your insurance cover. Record the date and time of the crash and note the street names, direction, and position of the cars involved.

Avoid Roadside Discussions About The Accident.

One thing you should be careful about is roadside discussions about the accident. You never know who is recording you, waiting for any bit of information to use against you. It is best to either stay in your car or away from the accident scene and not interact with people because a police investigation is necessary. Be careful with words and avoid confrontation with the other driver.

Seek The Counsel of an Attorney

After a head-on collision, the wisest thing you can do is seek the help of a car accident attorney at Kendall law firm to assess your legal options. If you think the other driver was negligent, an attorney can investigate the accident to establish and prove fault so that you are eligible for compensation. While it may be tempting to negotiate a cash deal with the fault party’s insurance company, you should engage an attorney to protect your rights.

The Takeaway

Never overlook the importance of a complete medical examination after a head-on collision, even if you feel okay.