Signs That You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas


After accidents, victims might find themselves determining whether or not to work with a personal injury lawyer to help with their case.

Many signs show that you need to hire a Texas personal injury attorney, like Tate Law Offices, PC lawyers, to represent you in your case. Some of these signs include:

1. Unsafe Conditions for Working

You basically need to speak to one of your supervisors after you realize that the workplace is not safe anymore, especially if the job encompasses confined space, harsh chemicals, and risky tasks involving climbing high poles, cleaning factory byproducts, or electricity.

Under the employees’ law in Texas, every employer should come up with safety guidelines as well as provide gear for safe work environments.

But if it seems your boss is negligent and keeps on exposing you as well as your colleagues to dangerous elements, it might result in unsafe conditions for working.

The best course of action is to hire a great personal injury attorney. A good lawyer will not just ensure that you get paid for all the lost hours brought upon by accident. The expert will as well demand provision of safety equipment from your employer.

2. Unclear Liability

In case it is not clear immediately who was liable for the accident, you will require the skills of a professional personal injury attorney to gather enough evidence.

This evidence will help to prove that you’re not at fault. Rather it is someone else who was at fault. With this, a professional will ensure you get compensated to cover medical bills and lost wages.

3. You Got Seriously Injured

Like many states, the at-fault parties in Texas are held accountable to take care of the victim’s medical costs and other expenses caused by accident.

If your injuries are severe, without an attorney, you might easily run into problems of getting compensated for just a fraction of what you paid for the treatment.

With a reliable personal injury attorney, you will recover the compensation you deserve for all your injuries. That also means you will not deal with massive and mounting medical expenses by yourself.

4. Low-Ball Offer

It is common for many insurance firms to make a low-ball settlement offer. They tend to use unscrupulous techniques to deny, delay, or lower the settlements of a victim.

While insurance firms are good at this game, personal injury attorneys have tactics that work wonders in ensuring those companies give their clients a fair settlement.

5. Claims Involving Government Entities

Suing a government entity for personal injury claims is more difficult than filing a case against a private company. Although government entities are usually protected against liabilities in most cases, there are exceptions.

But whenever a personal injury claim involves government entities, it is advisable to enlist the help of a great attorney to tell you the way forward.

The Takeaway!

You require the help of an experienced and competent personal injury attorney who has won compensation for many victims.

Working with a personal injury and filing a claim against the at-fault party will get compensation for low wages, property damages, medical bills, and pain & suffering.