5 Situations When You Should Hire a Boat Accident Attorney


If you have been a victim of a boat accident, you probably have an idea of how fatal it can be. Just like vehicles, boats also get involved in accidents. They catch fire, run out of gas and even capsize. Passengers also contribute to a certain percentage of boat accidents. Some causes of boat accidents include operating the vessel when intoxicated, reckless operation, high speed, inexperienced operators, negligence of safety measures, and debris in the water. If you have been involved in a boat accident, you may want to consult a Georgia boating accident lawyer. Here are situations that may need a call to a lawyer.

You Have Incurred Severe Injuries

After the accident, you may incur minor injuries that may not need serious medical attention, and you may not find the need to pursue the issue. However, if you have incurred severe injuries that may alter your life, you may need to get a lawyer. Some injuries may hinder you from going back to your everyday life, and you may inure huge medical expenses treating them, not to mention the emotional pain. Some injuries in boat accidents include burns, spinal cord injuries, amputation, and broken bones. If you incurred any serious injuries, consider hiring an attorney to help you.

The Owner of the Boat Does Not Have Insurance

The boat owner must have insurance that protects them from liabilities should damage happen. Insurance is also vital to cover expenses related to injury claims. Every boat owner in Georgia must have insurance. If you happen to be involved in an accident where the owner does not have insurance, it is essential to get a legal person to assist you in getting remuneration.  

The Boat Was Poorly Maintained

It is the responsibility of every boat owner to ensure their vehicles are in top condition and adhere to safety standards. The boat must be frequently inspected, and the health of its HVAC, plumbing systems, and electrical system well-maintained. If the boat was not maintained properly and the accident happened from one of the maintenance problems, contact an attorney to help you.

The Operator Was Careless

While the boat can be in top condition and the rules are being followed, an accident can happen because of the operator’s carelessness. The operator has the duty of operating the boat properly. However, if they failed to do their duty and acted in negligence, you will need an attorney to evaluate the negligence. In this case, the operator is responsible for acting responsibly and keeping you safe.

The Settlement is Unfair

If you have filed a claim with the boat owner’s insurance company, you may be able to get compensation. However, the payment may not be enough to cover the expenses related to the accident. If these expenses cost more than the settlement, hire a lawyer to help you get the proper compensation.

Get The Right Boat Accident Attorney

These are situations when you should get a boat accident lawyer. If you think the accident was due to the negligence of the boat owner or the operator, get a lawyer to help you. The professional will also help you get compensated even when the boat owner does not have insurance.