Trucks are heavier and bigger than other vehicles; therefore, there are higher chances of severe injuries, damage, and death when you encounter a truck accident.

From a legal standpoint, damage recovery is longer and more challenging in a truck accident claim, and liability may not be as straightforward as in car accidents. It is always advisable to engage a truck accident attorney when dealing with a truck accident claim. Here are some of the distinctions between truck and car accidents.

They Have Intricate Policies.

Usually, insurance companies calculate coverage costs based on the size and weight of a truck. Since trucks are significantly bigger than standard vehicles, truck insurance coverage can be worth 20times more than normal passenger vehicle coverage. Consequently, insurance companies would do anything possible to avoid liability after the truck is involved in an accident.

Plus, they have a vast pool of resources to help them investigate the matter and establish a strong defense. What does that mean for your case? It is difficult to recover damages if you are involved in a truck accident, especially handling the claim by yourself.

Trucking Companies Have More Regulations.

Most of the trucks you encounter on the roads are commercial trucks, and they have to comply with more regulations than the average passenger vehicle. First of all, the trucking company must register with the federal motor carrier safety administration and transportation department.

Other regulations in the trucking industry include special driver qualifications, annual inspections, truck maintenance rules, specific truck driving hours, etc. These regulations are some of the things that make truck accident claims complicated.

High Chances of Death

Everyone agrees truck accidents have an increased chance of death than other car wrecks. According to statistics, truck accidents account for millions of traffic deaths every year. If you lose a loved one in a truck accident, you can file a wrongful death claim. However, fault determination can be complicated in such a case, and the whole process is laborious. Therefore it is advisable to engage a truck accident attorney to carry out independent investigations rather than relying on the general findings of the parties involved.

They Often Involve Several Vehicles.

The more parties involved in a traffic accident, the more complicated the case gets. In most cases, truck accidents involve several vehicles because they are harder to control or stop in an emergency. That creates room for mistakes and the likelihood of the truck crashing into several cars on the road. The involvement of several vehicles makes it challenging to determine the fault, slowing down the compensation process.

They Require a Truck Accident Lawyer.

Without an experienced truck accident attorney, it is difficult to achieve the rightful compensation after a truck accident. A seasoned lawyer who knows all the tactics insurance companies use can do everything to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible and take the case to trial if negotiation doesn’t solve it.

The Takeaway

It is advisable to use a truck accident attorney when you find yourself in a truck accident.