5 Types of Educational Toys to Acquire for Your Child


Educational toys are a must-have in every home. Parents will buy all sorts of play items to keep their kids engaged. However, many won’t pick just anything! They go for educational toys that will build their skills. For this reason, educational toys are highly in demand, and you’ll find them in various shapes, colors and designs. 

Why choose the most suitable educational toys for your child?

Educational toys benefit kids in numerous ways. They act as stimuli for their growing brains. With the right toys, your child will develop problem-solving, visual and recognition abilities. For instance, lego toys and sets in Dubai come in all manner of shapes and designs. Some are educational and will improve your child’s reading, fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills.

 What’s more? These toys act as a brain gym for kids and help your child develop creativity, self-confidence, independence and many other essential abilities. However, the toys have to be age-appropriate to match the child’s developmental stage.

What are the types of educational toys available?

1. Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys are soft and cute, they feature cotton and cloth, and most kids love holding or hugging them. You’ll find a wide variety of stuffed animals in the market, and they will help your child build their recognition skills. With such toys, your child will learn the name and sound of the animal. You’ll also get stuffed animals in different sizes, and kids can ride on the big ones. However, some come with buttons that can harm your child, so keep a close watch as our child plays.

2. Blocks

Building blocks are educative toys that have been around for years. They enhance a child’s creativity levels and overall development. They feature different colors and shapes and attract kids of all ages. As your child grows, they will sort, stack and identify the colors and shapes. Blocks are ideal for kids between six months to three years. If seeking toys for a toddler, visit Lego Disney and get to know the various educational toddler toys in the market.

3. Puzzle toys

Puzzles are challenging to play yet very educative. They involve arranging shapes of fixing images which helps kids remember patterns and improve their recognition skills. They also help improve memorization and imagination abilities in kids. With puzzle toys, your child will also develop more patience and determination while solving the puzzle. 

4. Food-related toys

Kids love playing with food and can distinguish various food types through toys. Color is an essential aspect that kids learn from food toys. Food toys imitate the exact color of the food being imitated. They can help parents explain various food types and their importance.

5. Dolls

Dolls resemble humans, and many have a head, torso and legs. They are commonly used in puppet shows, and kids love watching such shows. They are mostly made of plastic and are favorite among little girls. Moreover, dolls produce sounds that help improve a child’s recognition abilities.

The bottom line

There are various types of toys in the market. Understand your child’s needs and pick what suits their requirements. Also, avoid buttoned toys or those with sharp edges, for they can harm your child during play. Go for educational toys, for they will improve your child’s abilities in various ways.