7 Chic Fashion Statements for the Young Professionals


Dressing like a powerful lady is an accessory for success. Whether you are the company founder or the receptionist, it is always sassy to exude an executive presence. You want a dress code that gets you more business deals signed and influential roles assigned to you in the workplace. In the millennial generation, it is trendier than ever to rock a feminine suit. There is still more signature looks other than straight suits that embody a classy chic fashion statement.

What should you wear for your next interview or board meeting? Here is everything you should know about emerging fashion trends for career women.

1. Pick a Bright Blazer

Colorful blazers exude power and authority. Blazers are always the epitome of sartorial elegance since time immemorial, especially if you settle for unique designer options. For instance, you can pick a blue double-breast blazer. It may not blend well with casual trends but will give you a classy look at your workplace. Double-breast blazers will also make you stand out on special occasions like corporate dinners. You will brighten any occasion with effortless charm.

You can easily ensemble and match blazers with skirts or fitting trousers. Moreover, blazers are ideal for any age group or profession. You can also wear your blazer with a pair of jeans during the weekend and holiday workdays. For official missions, dark or white bottoms will blend well. If you opt for linen blazers, they’ll feel more comfortable during summers.

2. Customize Your Suits to Dress the Part

Are you an entrepreneur, and you want to dress the part for your next meeting with potential investors? Consider customizing your suits to match your industry and personality. You want to make it in the corporate world by embracing who you are, not what people think you should be. There are more fabric options for women that cater to every profession. For instance, you can decide to include logos or shimmers that portray your business.

You can also go monotone with tailored suits. There is nothing chicer than a female entrepreneur in a head-to-toe shimmer white tuxedo dropping by for a corporate dinner. Even though color options are purely aesthetic, going monotone with shouting colors may look unprofessional. Consider white or black colors around your bosses or shareholders. Remember, a good power tuxedo is always sexier than a dress.

3. Accessories

Unlike men, women have multiple accessory options when it comes to official dressing. Accessories may look simple but quickly transforms your look from good to extraordinary. Designer accessories like watches, earrings, and a gold necklace will always bring out the sexiness in you. Some people may see it as overdoing, but you still want to feel and get treated like a woman even in your workplace. Moreover, most single corporate ladies meet their life partners at workplaces. Thus you don’t want to look less sexy and attract the wrong people.

Other feminine accessories include stylish bags and shoes. You’ll always stand out if you match your blazer’s color with a shoulder bag. Just ensure that the bags are spacious enough to hold personal items like mobile phones and car keys. Most official wear will blend well with high-heeled shoes. You can also put on makeup but don’t overdo it to embody a professional look. Putting on unique accessories will give you that signature look.

4. Pick a Floral Pencil Skirt

It is no longer winter, and you want to break the monotony of designer suits? A fitting floral pencil skirt will always do the magic for you. Floral pencil skirts are the kind of outfit you pick when you want to start your day in a bright mood. They are sexy and can readily match with many accessories without overdoing the look. Moreover, bringing a new color to your workplace won’t hurt but exude a positive vibe in every room you walk in.

Pencil skirts are comfortable, thanks to their long-stretching waists. However, you should go for thick fabric if you want to tuck in your top and still look professional. Floral pencil dresses will look good when paired with sweater tops or plain shirts. Don’t forget to bring around a dark handbag too.

5. Turtleneck Sweaters

Nailing fashionable office wear during winter can be quite daunting. You want to keep warm but remain the trendy chic at work. Even though cardigans are fashionable, they won’t keep you warm enough unless you layer them up on a thick shirt. Turtleneck sweaters are timeless and fashionable every day. The extended collar will cover your neck region well to shield you from chilly weather. You can also wear them beneath designer suits, provided you get a matching color.

A black or white turtleneck sweater is a must-have for any corporate lady. Tuck in the sweater and minimize accessories to get a professional look. You can throw in a designer watch. Turtleneck sweaters are versatile and will still suffice for weekend dates.

6. Business Dresses

A good business dress brings out the feminine vibe in you. You should opt for a fitting but not too tight dress. Maxi dresses are for party occasions and won’t look that well on you when attending a work routine. Similarly, mini dresses are unprofessional. Knee-length business dresses reveal your beauty without exposing much to the public imagination. Go with less-shouting colors like black, white, and grey.

7. Designer Cologne

Lastly, you might also want to slip in a designer cologne in your everyday workwear. As a lady, you must always smell nice and fresh. Cologne options are quite overwhelming, but a scent that exudes mild floral fragrance will feel feminine on you. It will help if you target the pulse points like the wrist and neck region when applying a cologne. Don’t apply colognes on hair.

These trendy ideas will keep you effortlessly polished every time you show up to work. It doesn’t matter how old you are; looking elegant is a stepping stone to success. Many people, including your boss, may judge you by how you dress. Moreover, you’ll always meet new people at work, and the first impression is vital. You don’t want to lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because you looked shabby or unprofessional. Thus, every workday is fashion day!