Benefits of Granola for Hair


Nothing says glamor and health like a shiny and full head of thick locks. However, not everyone is blessed to have thick hair. Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to amp their hair.

Fortunately, there is a list of healthy foodstuffs which you may eat to have thicker hair and restore its former glory.

In order to have thicker hair, you will have to eat food rich in antioxidant flavonoids so as to strengthen hair follicles, protein-rich foods to boost hair growth, and iron-rich meals to boost red blood cells. One of the foodstuffs that contain all these includes granola.

What Granola Is

Granola is one of the popular snack food, mostly taken for breakfast. That is because it has numerous benefits, including promoting the growth of hair.

It consists of rolled oats that are pressed and steamed lightly. It as well includes nuts, puffed rice, and honey.

The mixture is normally baked until it becomes crispy, allowing you to snack on it anywhere. Apart from hikers and campers, most outdoor-oriented people without a fridge to stock healthy foodstuffs, including vegetables and fruits, opt to carry granola.

You can combine it with strawberries, yogurt, bananas, and honey when eating at home. This helps to add nutritional value.


Granola as a cereal offers a lot of health benefits, such as making the immune system strong, improving gut health, boosting heart health, and reducing the level of cholesterol.

Apart from these benefits, the granola ingredients help maintain scalp and hair health. As already mentioned earlier, granola consists of seeds, nuts, berries, dried fruits, and oats.

All these, in combination, will give you a truckload of benefits. To learn more about the benefits of granola for hair, narrow it down to the following key points:

  • Berries: They have a lot of helpful vitamins and compounds that help in the growth of hair. This includes vitamin C, which is high in antioxidants. Basically, antioxidants help to protect your hair follicles from the damages caused by dangerous molecules called free radicals. Additionally, vitamin C triggers the production of collagen, which is a protein that helps strengthen hair and prevent it from breaking and becoming brittle.
  • Oats: Saponin in your granola‚Äôs oats is helpful in removing dandruff flakes and, at the same, provides nourishment. In addition, saponin and zinc work hand in hand to absorb excess oil, thus preventing dandruff reoccurrence. Oats also have vitamin N, which keeps the scalp moist and healthy.

Other than keeping removing dandruff flakes and promoting hair growth, granola ingredients also help fight hair loss and improve its elasticity.

Concluding Remarks!

While most granola is filling and nutritious, some brands are packed with excess sugar as well as have high calories. This is why you need to read labels carefully and prioritize buying granola with whole ingredients, such as nuts, seeds, and raisins.