Five Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Team


Lack of motivation among employees is one of the biggest issues for many managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. There are several reasons behind this decline of motivation in employees, and once you find it, you can impart a new life to them and boost their productivity. Teams are meant to work together and share their combined knowledge, experiences, and strength to complete a project or task on time. With the passage of time, the team becomes slow, slack, and sluggish. This could be because of leadership mistakes.

Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Team

Motivation is the most important entity when it comes to team building. If you are experiencing such issues, you can fix them by following these tips. 

Make People Feel Appreciated

Appreciation is one of the biggest needs of every person. Everyone wants to be appreciated, and it is a bigger motivation than money or a bonus. It gives inner happiness, and people become more dedicated to a certain task. Learn some useful and effective ways to make them feel appreciated and let them know that they are an integral part of the team. Show them sincere gratitude and appreciate their skills and efforts in front of everyone. Don’t forget to know and learn more about the strategies followed by Jason Hare Kingston to make people feel appreciated.

Encourage Creativity

Most leaders don’t encourage creativity. The leadership role should encourage people to think out of the box. The role of the leaders is not to monitor each and every step in the organization. A leader can just check if all the organizational work is going well or not. If you encourage your employees to be creative, it will boost their confidence, and they will bring more creative and unique ideas for you.

Engage with Your Team Virtually

Sometimes, it is difficult to keep employees engaged to complete and discuss a certain project or task. Technology has blessed us with numerous online platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet, where you can communicate with your team virtually. In this way, they are allowed to share open feedback, and thus it helps boost their morale.

Provide Them with Bonuses/Reward

One of the most notable methods to boost employees’ motivation is by providing them with monthly or yearly bonuses. Many companies are following this approach to retain and engage their employees throughout the year. Another way is to give them some rewards. It could be a gym membership, gift card, or business tour.

Don’t Take Credit for Success

Many leaders take the whole credit for success when they complete the project or launch their product successfully. Moreover, they blame their team when there is a failure. Don’t be like such leaders; otherwise, you will lose your hardworking people. Always mention your people’s efforts for any achievements and failure is because of poor leadership as well. Cultivate happiness and encouragement in the workplace.

Final Thoughts

Successful business leaders like Jason Hare always take care of the possible factors to boost the productivity of their teams. Imparting the motivation in your team is not difficult if you follow the above-mentioned tips.