Enlisting the help of a personal injury attorney to handle your claim is very valuable. They can do all the heavy lifting and ensure you get the maximum compensation possible while you focus on your recovery. Besides, insurance companies have resources to investigate and fight against claims; therefore, having an attorney gives you leverage. The attorney also protects you from lousy insurance companies and the hassle of handling a personal injury claim and saves you from making errors that could hurt your claim.

There are many personal injury attorneys in Chicago, and it is upon you to do your diligence to identify the right one for your case. Here are some inquiries to make beforehand.

What Kind of Cases Do You Handle?

One of the essential considerations when hiring a personal injury attorney is the area of expertise. Ideally, you need lawyers like Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, whose primary expertise is personal injury law. Most importantly, find a lawyer who handles cases similar to yours.

Suppose you are suffering because of medical malpractice; in that case, you need a personal injury lawyer who has dealt with such a case before.

That way, you can be assured they have all the resources, expertise, and skills to benefit your case.

Who Will Deal With My Case?

When you visit a law firm for a consultation, the lawyer you negotiate with may not be the one to handle your case. Some firms hand over the case to associate lawyers or a paralegal to handle. Therefore it is important to ask who will handle your case and discuss with them one on one.

It works to your benefit when a law firm has a talented and experienced team of lawyers, but you must confirm whether the lawyer you speak with is the one who handles your case. Ensure the lawyer with skills, reputation and experience will be the one negotiating with the insurance company or handling your case.

What Percentage of Cases Have You Settled?

Did you know that insurance companies track the number of cases a law firm has settled or taken to trial? Therefore hiring a personal injury lawyer with a reputation of being able to take a case to trial if negotiation fails may get an insurance company to negotiate a higher settlement amount to avoid a court process.

Typically, many personal injury claims settle without going to court. But if you and the insurance company do not reach an agreement, the lawyer should be willing to take the case to court rather than settling for less.

What is Your Fee Policy?

Many personal injury lawyers use a contingency basis which means that they receive a cut from the compensation you get in the long run. Therefore you don’t have to pay upfront fees until your case is settled. However, ensure you understand the billing structure beforehand to avoid hidden costs and surprises later.

The Bottom Line

Hire a personal injury attorney who is a talented negotiator and an aggressive trial lawyer.