Double Your Website Traffic with Advanced SEO Techniques


In 2022, this platform has exploded in the last two years, due to the lockdowns in the world’s various countries and the life changes introduced by the anti-Covid measures elsewhere.¬†SEO Company in Bangalore¬†offers the best techniques to double your website traffic in a minimum time.

Despite Google for SEO or paid ads, the competition may still be mild, giving you a considerable advantage. Many mechanics, lawyers, consultants, and even growers are already using YouTube.

1) Open a Blog And Publish SEO Friendly Content

The first method to increase the traffic of an Internet site is also one of the most infallible. It consists of publishing SEO-friendly or Google-friendly articles if you prefer. Articles of this kind, written in the logic of Search Engine Optimization, will talk about issues and topics related to your business, and that is to your proposal of services and products.

2) Increase Traffic With Google Ads Campaigns

If you have tried to publish SEO articles, but you have noticed that there is no tripe for cats, you could orient yourself on Google Ads campaigns, another effective way to increase your Internet site’s traffic. An entire category of my blog is waiting for you dedicated to Google Ads campaigns. one of the most direct methods of getting a substantial increase in traffic to the website, or something – like a landing page – linked to the website.

3) Publish Guest Posts And Promotional Articles Online

The game could get tough if Google on one side and YouTube on the other are already saturated with content (optimized articles and videos). You could orient yourselves at this point on Google Ads, but SEO companies could also choose a different path, that of guest posting and article marketing. A little English gives you a sense of both formulas:

  • Guest posting means “post” (i.e., article) guest. Therefore, a piece of news is not necessarily optimized, published in a portal, or on a blog that already enjoys certain visibility. Because of this visibility, the news will bring a substantial number of visits to your site, usually linked through links or graphic banners.
  • Article marketing, that is to say, marketing with articles is an even broader approach that does not stop at guest posting alone but also involves various Internet sites, portals, and blogs in a wide and diversified article marketing campaign. Here also, the rules of SEO push come into play; in this case of link building, to increase traffic and the authority of the site that is the subject of the campaign.

4) Activate Affiliate And Partnership Systems

If you have an e-commerce and want to increase traffic to your product listings, one system you should try is the affiliate one. Affiliate yourself with someone (a blogger, a portal, a Youtube channel) means offering your contact person the opportunity to earn a small percentage from each sale generated through the so-called “affiliate links.” A web service that can help you create your affiliate links is Affiliatly. Try it for free and start looking for potential partners.

5) Increase Traffic With Social Media Advertising

If you want to increase traffic to your showcase site but don’t have enough space to rank in Google’s organic results or advertise with Google Ads, then social media advertising could give you a big hand. As it is easy to guess, the term advertising indicates the advertising hosted, in the case of social media, within platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, and others. The process is similar to what happens on Google Ads:

  • you create a post or content that respects the guidelines of the chosen platform
  • the target to show the post itself is defined (profiling)
  • you set up a daily budget and possibly a maximum spending ceiling at which the campaign ends
  • the automatic review of the advertisements is started for any changes to the advertisements
  • Results are monitored (impressions, clicks, cost per click, etc.)
  • they try to improve the performance of the campaign to lower the CPC (cost-per-click)

The advertising clicks generated by advertising do not serve you only to increase likes and interactions: the real goal should be to increase traffic to the website or to the space where, in practice, your leads are born (user conversions from normal visitor to customer).