How to Find the Right Solar Company in 2022


Did you know that there are over 13,000 solar panel installation companies in the US? That means there are lots of choices for customers. But sometimes having so much choice can be overwhelming.

Happily, there are a few ways that you can separate the best from the rest. A few telltale clues that will get you solar panels that won’t disappoint.

Let’s take a quick look at how to choose the best solar company for your home.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

Every business has to start somewhere. But that doesn’t mean it has to be your house.

Look for a company that has a few years of experience in delivering green energy. You’re also allowing them into your home for a major installation. You need to know that they have the skills to do it safely.

Also, experienced companies can achieve the best layout for maximum sun exposure for your solar panels.

Local Knowledge

Local companies are able to advise you on the various solar incentives that are available in your area. 

For example, there is a federal tax credit for solar energy systems installed during 2022. But in addition to this, many states and jurisdictions offer additional incentives for going green. For example, rebates of $2,500 are available in certain parts of Colorado.

Choose the right company for installing solar panels at your home and they’ll help you take advantage of every discount open to you.

Check Their Financing Offers

The best solar companies try to help you spread the cost of solar. Beware of companies that ask for large upfront payments or are not clear about the terms of their contracts. 

Choose a company with upfront pricing and a contract that you’re comfortable with. A reputable solar company will never use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up. Take your time and if you’re not comfortable with the deal on offer, walk away.

Find a Full-Service Company

It’s easy to be attracted by a good sales pitch, only to find that the solar company subcontracts the installation to someone else. That’s scary because you have no idea about the reputation of the subcontractor. 

Choose a full-service company and they’ll handle everything. From inspections and permits to installing and rewiring your electrical panel. Look for a company that takes this on in full and doesn’t send another contractor to do the work.

Check Their Warranties

Installing solar panels should mean guaranteed solar energy for decades to come. But even though solar panels are built to last, you still need the peace of mind of a warranty.

The best companies will provide two warranties – a manufacturer warranty and a production guarantee. The first is typically 25 years and guarantees the solar panels against manufacturing defects.

The second is a guarantee that the system will live up to its estimated output. If it doesn’t, the company will upgrade it free of charge.

Finding the Right Solar Company for You

The best solar company out there is one that has years of experience. They don’t use high-pressure sales tactics and are upfront about all the costs involved. They guarantee their work and they take care of it from start to finish.

Plus, they’ll help you to take advantage of all available incentives so you get a great deal.

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