How to Declutter for a Move


The ideal opportunity to dispose of all things you do not need is when getting ready for a move. Disposing of things you do not need will save you significant cash when relocating with a moving company. It will require fewer movers to assist you with getting everything to your new home. On the other hand, you can bring in cash by selling the things or giving them to people who need them. Additionally, the money from a backyard sale can help in financing your move.

Regardless of where and reasons you are moving,decluttering before a move is the best option. Read on to gain insights on how to carry about the decluttering initiative.

Set objectives 

Human beings develop the habit of creating an attachment to things they buy. We will always find ways of justifying our keeping of items even when we do not need them. However, to keep yourself responsible, set some solid objectives for what you need to dispose of and afterward stick to them. You can set objectives by identifying the proportion of items to keep or let go. If there are items you want to upgrade, consider selling the old equipment to create space and money to finance the new buy. Defining objectives helps streamline the program and makes the errand easy to tackle. Having a target you want to accomplish will help keep you in perspective and achieve the desired goals.

Assess everything. 

When packing items in boxes, you can easily identify what to keep and what not to. It offers you the opportunities of scrutinizing what you possess. You can ask yourself why you possess a specific item and the value it adds to your life. Also, it is vital to consider the last time you used it, to know the action to take.

Have a Checklist

It is important to have a checklist of what to do before the actual day of moving. Involve family members in the decision-making to enable them to be on board with the process. It is an important initiative as an asset might be valuable to a loved one. You will need their approval to sell or donate it.

Although it is a challenging thing, you can keep records manually or digitally. Having a checklist makes the process more efficient and saves the time it takes to declutter.

Utilize the Practicality Test 

Determining what you should keep or give is one of the most challenging things to do during the decluttering process. For example, when sorting out the garments, if it is more than a year since wearing an outfit, consider giving it away regardless of the attachment. With sheets, towels, or cooking wares, check for the number of items you have in the collection and their similarities in functionality. 

For each room you tackle, bring three boxes – one for stuff you will keep, one for stuff to discard, and one for stuff to give or sell. As you go through storage rooms and drawers, drop everything into one of the three boxes.