When it comes to warehousing, proper storage is an integral part of ensuring inventory management efficiency. One of the best storage solutions for industrial warehouses or businesses is boltless racking which provides an affordable and durable storage solution.

Boltless rack Malaysia is a suitable shelving solution that can be easily assembled without the need for bolts, nuts, or any other hardware. It is easy to reconfigure whenever your storage needs change, just as it is easy to assemble. Boltless racks come in various sizes and forms, which are custom depending on your warehouse or storage needs.

Boltless racking is often used for many storage applications, including:

  • Warehouses.
  • Garages.
  • Pharmacy stores.
  • Archive record storage spaces.
  • Supply rooms.
  • Distribution centers,
  • Grocery stores etc.

Boltless racking design

Boltless racks provide open-access shelving that allows access from all four sides. That makes room for efficient loading and unloading, especially in a warehouse. Boltless rack Malaysia comes in simple units that automatically lock together to create exceptionally rigid racking. They are also available in various weight configurations and sizes to provide a customized solution based on your storage needs. Since the racks can be readjusted, one can add extra units for additional height or width.

Boltless racking assembly

An obvious advantage of boltless racking over the other storage solutions is that it provides easy assembly. Instead of struggling to match bolts, nuts, clips, the rivets on the beams are inserted into keyhole slots on the vertical posts, and the work is done. Only a rubber mallet is required during assembly, and you can even do it on your own if you don’t want to hire someone to assemble the units.

Why you need boltless racking

If you own a warehouse or supply store, then you know how hard it can be to organize bulk amounts of items. Without an organized warehouse, your business suffers because inventory is not efficient, and it becomes hard to know what is running out of stock. Fortunately, with a good racking system, it gets easy to organize your warehouse and boost the efficiency of your workplace.

Boltless racking allows you to display the commonly picked items so that it is easy to pinpoint where they are and identify stock-outs. It is available in different weight capacities from 200-2000pounds and can even be used on a multilevel mezzanine floor Malaysia and a catwalk system.

Boltless racking allows you to maximize your space at an affordable rate, so you don’t have to worry about relocating to a bigger warehouse. If you are concerned about the width of the warehouse, you can use the stacking strategy to maximize the storage space vertically. That way, you make your business more profitable without any additional operating costs.

The bottom line

Boltless racking is an ideal storage solution for warehouse and business owners who want customizable but durable racking systems. It is a long-term solution that makes scalability easy to propel your business to a new level.