Tips to light up your dining room


“A family that eats together, stays together”

The joy of breaking bread and bonding with family and friends over the dining table is one of the most surreal feeling. When do we think of a place so special and close to people’s hearts why not induce that special place with comfortable and warm lighting? 

Being an important meeting place at home, the dining room needs lighting that can create a relaxed atmosphere, and the dining room lighting itself must be stylish yet function to complement the space. In this blog, we are going to discuss some inspiring interior lighting ideas for your dining room and how to pick the perfect light that covers it all.

1. Create a Focal Point 

The sole purpose of dining room lighting is to draw the eyes of the viewers to the placement around the dining room. The dining table naturally catches the eyes of everything that is placed on it and around it. By hanging appropriate lighting fixtures on the table, such as decorative chandeliers and pendant lamps, provide lighting that creates another focus, while at the same time providing the decorative style.

2. Use a large chandelier

Chandeliers induce a luxurious appeal at your dining table without doing much you can add a jewel to the dining ceiling with right size chandelier. At EGLO, dining room lighting comes in various styles. Inspired from global trends, it offers a contemporary, modern, and transitional range of chandelier fixtures.
Choose shapes like rectangular, spherical, linear or circular whichever disperses your light in all the directions.

3. Use Multiple Pendant Lights 

For large dining tables, we’d recommend you to use multiple pendant lights. Hang them in order of odd numbers like 3 or 5 pendants in a row. When lit, these lights beautiful create a soft glow in your dining area without creating shadows or glare. Also, it boasts itself as a statement piece and grabs the eyes of the guests.

4. Put a Dimmer on the control the lighting 

You adjust the entire surrounding of the dining area by installing a dimmer. Ideally, the dimming switch is equipped with a power supply that can adjust the voltage and capacity of all lighting systems. Implementing a dimmer electric switch makes it very easy to adjust the home atmosphere. For example, you can use soft light for parties and movie screenings, but you can use dimming switches to brighten the lights for study and work. Instead of investing in various electric lamps, you can easily improve the functionality of your room with some powerful dimming switches.

There are different types of dimming switches, and you can choose from different shapes and sizes that suit best in your home.

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